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About us

This website is owned and operated by Networking4all B.V. This site is the result of the co-operation between Networking4all B.V. and GeoTrust Inc. Apart from the strategic agreements these two organisations act independently.


The GeoTrust head office is located in the United States; the regional offices are located in the United Kingdom and Japan. Being a leader in identity verification and network security for E-business, GeoTrust has quickly grown to become 2nd largest SSL provider worldwide. GeoTrust is also a leader in North America, the United Kingdom and Germany.


Networking4all is located in the Netherlands and provides high quality automated services, making it possible to deliver products and services for a cheaper price and give better service to their customers. The Networking4all team consists of enthusiastic professionals with years of experience and qualifications in, among other things, networking, security, hosting, databases, clustering, hardware and software, software development, Linux, BSD, Novell and Windows. With both their knowledge of and their experience in network environments they are able to give their customers the best of advice concerning the ultimate solution for their environment.

Apart from all this, Networking4all has an online portal for the management of the customer’s products. This makes it possible for the customer to manage, order and receive his/her products, even after working hours.


GeoTrust recognises that Networking4all, with its track record and position, is an essential partner for fulfilling sales, marketing and support expertise and as such has awarded it the title of a International Strategic Partner.

Reason for GeoTrust and Networking4all to combine their strengths is that Networking4all has been active for quite a long time, namely in Europe. Having thousands of customers, they possess the knowledge and expertise required in this market. The customer will also take profit from the co-operation: by communicating with a smaller organisation business will be dealt with in a quick and plain way.

Another reason for co-operation is that Networking4all can purchase from GeoTrust on a great scale so that the customers can buy their products at significantly lower prices than the standard Geotrust retail and reseller prices.

Online security

Networking4all offers high class digital certificates for ‘fast transaction security’ and ‘patent-pending smart seals' to secure an optimal identity on the web. Networking4all also offers fully managed security services for large companies. The wide range of technologies allows Networking4all to secure e-business transactions for organisations of any size in a profitable way.

The PKI technology protects network access, online communication and digital transactions. GeoTrust guarantees the privacy of the identity of companies and/or individuals in online transactions.